Moving from Fedora7 to Centos5.2


It is possible to backup all virtual sites on Fedora7, reinstall system to Centos5.2, reinstall Virtualmin and restore all from backup? What about virtualmin licence (have 50 sites licence), a new one would be necessary? Thanks for answer, and sorry for language.

Best regards tomek kluz

That’s a good question. I suspect it would largely work, my only concern is if any paths to programs ended up getting hard coded in the Virtualmin configs.

Before doing any large migration like this, I’d highly recommend running a test of some sort.

Perhaps you could setup CentOS 5.2 in VMware, and do a test migration.

This link here has some useful info on how to migrate from one server to another:

One day, we’ll have some excellent official document describing all this in more detail, but hopefully that gets you started :slight_smile:

Eric covered everything but the license query: No new license is needed. Virtualmin licenses are not tied to a particular machine, and we explicitly permit 30 days of running on multiple machines for "migration" purposes.

You might get a warning, if you change the hostname or IP of the new or old system, and it looks like Virtualmin is running on more than two systems during that period. The warning is harmless and will clear on its own after a few days.