Moving from cPanel to Virtualmin - mail specifically

Hi guys I am looking to do the following:

  1. Create basic virtualmin domain (
  2. Rsync over entire public_html of my cPanel account to virtualmin.
  3. Create individual email addresses in virtualmin that mimic those of cPanel
  4. Replace each sub folder of each maildir email address mail folder in virtualmin with cPanel’s verion
  5. Hope for the best.

Does it look like this would work? Any better approaches?


Virtualmin can actually import cPanel backup archives, why don’t you use that?

OK thanks… I will try that… failing that, does anyone know if what I described in my original post would work? Regarding mail mostly.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but depending on what you need I recommend hosting your email domain(s) and website domain(s) on separate servers. I like Virtualmin for website hosting and have never used it for email purposes, but I have been using iRedMail (with iRedAdmin-Pro) for several years, and highly recommend it. Their documentation includes migration instructions, but I’m not sure about docs for migrating from different systems.

That said, while I think your general idea is sound, the details and which MTAs you’re using and what storage schemes they use are very important to know in advance if you’re going to do straight file-system transfers. A better approach, in my opinion, for disparate systems (e.g., cPanel to Virtualmin) is to use iampsync. It’s been around for years and the author sells it (for a hell of a deal, considering how much work it will save you), but it’s included in some distros’ repos.

It should work, make sure permissions are ok and so on.