Moving from 1 server to another


I have 1 Virtualmin Pro license on a dedicated server. I got a new dedicated server that I am going to migrate the 30 or so sites to, but I only have the 1 Virtualmin Pro license.

Can I install VMin Pro with my existing 1 server subscription on the new server, transfer the sites, then delete the license from the old server?

I searched for this info but couldn’t find a clear answer. What I’d like to avoid is buying another VM Pro license that I’ll only need for a few days.


this should not be a problem.

Yeah, as Ronald said – go for it :slight_smile:

Joe and Jamie are pretty reasonable with the licensing. No one expects you to buy a new license for just a few days.

Further, Joe’s also mentioned a few times that it’s no problem to have a copy of Virtualmin on a hot spare, with the same domains setup as the primary.

What you’re doing isn’t much different than a hot spare :slight_smile:

In any case, it’s no problem.

Good luck!


Thanks guys!