Moving domains to a new server fails with message "could not work out the default IP address"


I am trying to move my domains to a new virtualmin (vps)
I have created the backups & copied them to new server.
When i try to restore from backup via terminal. I get this error.
Ip addresses are different of course.
Both virtualmin configurations set to use “default ip” which is shared ip assigned to eth0.
System settings > Virtualmin Settings > Network interface for virtual addresses = Detect automatically
(i had set this before taking backups)

But when I try to restore on new server. I got this error below.
PS: virtualmin-sqlite, I have just removed support for plugin. Result not changed, this is an old log
PS2: i have also tried to use --shared-ip & --shared-ip6 to set new ip.
But always outputting help like I have entered a wrong command.

root# virtualmin restore-domain --source /root/backups/ --domain --all-features Checking for missing features .. .. WARNING - The following features were enabled for one or more domains in the backup, but do not exist on this system. Some functions of the restored domains may not work : Plugin virtualmin-sqlite

Checking for errors in backup …
… no errors found

Starting restore…
Extracting backup archive file …
… done

Re-creating virtual server
… could not work out the default IP address

Restore failed!