Moving domains from VMpro to VMpro

I have 2 servers both running VM pro… one is new and I want to move all domains to it so I can install a new operating system on old machine… what would be the fastest safest way to do this in VMpro?


Howdy Joel,

Backup the virtual servers on the old box using the Backup Virtual Servers feature, copy the backups over using scp (or let Virtualmin copy them over), and restore them on the new machine. Assuming the systems have roughly similar features available, the resulting virtual server will work without modification (and, if they don’t, it’s probably a bug and we’ll fix it and help you workaround it).

I might add that there are two backup methods. One has a backup/restore for each virtual server which is server specific or, as you probably need, at the bottom of the left from is a system wide backup option. This one will allow you to choose to backup as a huge file or individual domain files and, if you’re using templates, you will want to backup the virtualmin settings under the features to backup. THen you can save all your template settings without recreating the wheel. Essentially that’s how we recreate VM on a new box :wink:

Hope that helps,

cool… thats the way I have done it in the past… just wasnt sure if there was a new way or super duper press one button… presto… hahah… I hate moving domains… never seems to be an easy job… always a glitch in something… here we go!! Thanks guys for the reply…