Moving domains from one server to another

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I’m almost finished migrating my stuff from Plesk to Virtualmin Pro. Next step will be to move the domains onto a new server with a new IP (which will run Virtualmin Pro, too, of course).

What happens if I upload a backup from server1 to server2, with server2 having different IPs? Will I be able to just change the IP of my domains, and I’m good to go, as far as BIND, apache2 and all the rest is concerned? Certainly, I’ll need to update the DNS delegation, but it would be very helpful if server setup is merely a matter of copying backup files.

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I might recommend poking around in Virtualmin’s restore options, found in Backup and Restore -> Restore Backup.

There’s all sorts of goodies in there, but in particular, under the “Other restore options”, there’s an option for choosing the IP address for the backup being restored.

By default, it will use the server’s primary shared IP address, but you can also have it use the original IP the backup was on, or create a new IP address.

Worse case, if you end up restoring a backup and the IP just isn’t right for whatever reason, you can always go into Addresses and Networking -> Change IP address, and you can use that area to change the IP for one or more Virtual Servers (which updates Apache, BIND, and other config files that have your IP in there).

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