Moved to a new server and "some" sites not working any ideas?

Howdy, Ive just moved to a new server and restored all my sites 2 out of them will not load up ifs giving me DNS errors

Any ideas why this is happening?

The two sites which will not load are


Also my dns records are the same as the working site :confused: also the same nameservers. I really have no idea what’s going on

My initial error analysis is as follows:

The two domains you mentioned have no glue records for your nameserver. They have listed and as nameservers (which is probably okay)., whose nameservers reside in the same domain (which is also okay), does have a glue record for the IP

The error is: On that IP, a nameserver is apparently running, but it returns SERVFAIL for the domain, and REFUSED for the two domains you listed above.

So no name resolution is possible for the two domains, because the authoritative nameserver fails when trying to resolve its own domain, and refuses to resolve the two domains listed above.

Hope this helps. You might compare that result against one of your domains that is working, and verify if the IP is correct.

For further analysis, I’d need to take a look at your system myself (which I can offer for a small fee), because nameserver issues are hard to debug by “remote guessing”. :slight_smile:

I run two servers and this is what I did, ns1 and ns2 was pointing to one server and ns3,ns4 to the other.

Not sure if this can be done but this is what I have set up.

some of the ns1%ns2 sites are working example

all the ns3 and ns4 sites are working just fine.

Well, can’t say anything about your ns1-4 setup, but you might want to first solve the main problem, the fact that the IP that’s entered as glue for “” SERVFAILs when asked to resolve its own domain. That’s a definitive error, and can lead to a number of followup problems.

IntoDNS must be able to check the domain without errors: