Move system related folders out of public_html ?

Hi guys, got another question for everyone.

I see that whenever a new virtual server is created, some system generated folders are placed in the public_html folder of that virtual server, which are these:

phpMyAdmin (shows if phpMyAdmin is installed for the virtual server)

Can I configure VirtualMin to maybe place these folders somewhere other than public_html, so that they’re not accessible from the world wide web ?

Stats should je protected by an .htaccess file. For both, it wouldn’t really make sense to put them elsewhere, since they’re both meant to be accessed from the web. You can just not install phpmyadmin if you don’t want it.

I want phpMyAdmin, but I just don’t want it to be visible to everyone, even if I only know the password.

Can these folders be put one level higher, on the same level as public_html and public_ftp ?

That wouldn’t do any good, because the web server only serves files in or under public_html. You could create a file system alias and point it elsewhere, but the effect would be the same really. Either phpmyadmin IS available via web, or it isn’t. That’s for everyone or no one. You can rename its folder of course, to make it more difficult for script kiddies to find it. Or you use a more secure SQL management tool like Chive.