mount issue turned into permission denied for all commands...

I installed virtualmin and then received error related to mount issue.
I tried to change mount setting at “Disk and Network Filesystems” but after saving the changes the link to edit the “/ (Root filesystem)” became non clickable and now all and any commands at the command prompt returns permission denied.

Would appreciate any help.

example: following ls command would not work even when i am logged in as root.

[root@cl-206 ~]# ls
-bash: /bin/ls: Permission denied

Do you recall what the mount-related errors were exactly, and what changes you made afterwards? Can you cat /etc/fstab?

Is it possible that you set noexec (disabled the “Allow execution of binaries” option) for your “/”?

Generally, with issues like those, it can help to boot the system from the Linux installation CD and choose - provided your distro offers that - a “repair” option that will mount the hard drive partitions in a subdirectory, so you can make changes to system files.