more than 1 home directories

Hi all,

Is it possible to make more than one home directories?
For example one in /home and another one in /home2 (another mounted hard disk)?


I unfortunately do not think there’s a decent way to handle that now.

Virtualmin uses a set path for adding users, and suexec is compiled to work on said path.

If you’re willing to forgo the security of suexec, you might be able to coax the command line tools into doing what you want:,virtualmin_api_create_domain/

Otherwise, you may be better of finding a way to get it all to work within one directory.

As I have read it this patch is to make suexec work with virtual hosts stored in users personal web directory. So it should look in each <virtualhost> to see where the domain is at.

I am not sure this is usable for you but have a read anyway:

I have to create a home direcroty for each reseller account. Is not possible?

I have to create a home direcroty for each reseller account. Is not possible?

Definitely not. Reseller accounts are a very special, and very limited, type of Webmin/Virtualmin account–they don’t even have a system user account associated with them.

The fact that you want a home directory for this user type makes me think maybe you’re doing something non-reseller-y with these accounts. I don’t want to stand in your way of doing things we’ve never thought of, but in this case, it’s definitely not going to be a comfortable fit, since resellers don’t have any of the stuff you’d need to give them a home. :wink:

If it’s not possible, after using all my 250gb on my /home, where can I locate new virtual hosts? In /home/new? Is it possible?

per haps I am the only one guessing in to what you want to accomplish but can you add the second drive and make a (software)raid so you can keep 1 /home but then just bigger ?

Is it possible?

I have to agree with ronald on this one. It doesn’t matter if it’s possible…you should instead be asking, “Is it sane?” and the answer is, “no, not really”. :wink:

It’s simply a bad idea to do strange workarounds like this with directory structures. If you’re adding a new drive, make the new drive into /home and copy all of the existing homes over. Making a RAID volume would be another option.

It is actually possible to configure Virtualmin in such a way that it can work across many volumes, but you’d pretty much need to start out that way for it to make sense. Early on, a few mega-hosts asked for the ability to use home directory conventions like /home/a/adomain/ and /home/b/bdomain/ through /home/z/zdomain. In this case, you could have 36 volumes (a-z and 0-9). This is obviously overkill in your case, and most of the reasons for doing this have long since gone the way of the buffalo. With modern volume management and file systems that can handle thousands of files in a single directory without getting slow, it just makes no sense to do weird stuff like that.

So, get a bigger /home. Don’t make things bizarre on your system to avoid a little bit of copying and partition reorganization.