More Restore errors.

Restoring those domains now from local files. I consistently get the same errors with every domain.

Here is the output from virtualmin.

Starting restore of 20 domains from local file /root/virtualmin-transfer …

Extracting backup archive files …
… done

Re-creating virtual server

  Creating home directory ..
  .. done

  Creating administration group consumers ..
  .. done

  Creating administration user consumers ..
  .. done

  Adding to email domains list ..
  .. done

  Adding default mail aliases ..
  .. done

  Adding new DNS zone ..
  .. done

  Adding new virtual website ..
  .. done

  Adding Apache user apache to server's group ..
  .. done

  Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting ..
  .. Webalizer reporting failed! : Missing file to open at virtual_server::../ line 1952 at ../ line 963.

  Setting up log file rotation ..
  .. done

  Creating MySQL login ..
  .. done

  Creating MySQL database consumers ..
  .. done

  Setting up virus filtering ..
  .. Virus filtering failed! : Missing file to open at procmail::../ line 1952 at ../ line 963.

  Creating status monitor for website ..
  .. done

  Setting up AWstats reporting ..
  .. AWstats reporting failed! :

  Adding DAV directives to website configuration ..
  .. DAV Login failed! :

  Adding Mailman alias and redirects to website configuration ..
  .. Mailman failed! :

  Adding Subversion directives to website configuration ..
  .. Subversion repositories failed! :

  Creating Webmin user ..
  .. done

  Re-starting DNS server ..
  .. done

  Applying web server configuration ..
  .. done

  Re-loading Webmin ..
  .. done

  Saving server details ..
  .. done

Restoring backup for virtual server

  Restoring virtual server password, quota and other details ..
  .. done

  Extracting TAR file of home directory ..
  .. done

  Setting ownership of home directory ..
  .. done

  Re-creating records in DNS domain ..
  <b>Restore failed : Missing file to open at virtual_server::../ line 1952</b>

Is this on that wacky Gentoo system of yours? :wink:

We don’t have many people using Virtualmin on Gentoo, so there hasn’t been much feedback on whether the defaults for the various modules is correct. It’s trivial to fix, usually.

You’ll want to go through each of the Webmin modules you got an error from, and make sure they are looking in the right place for the configuration files and other bits and pieces. The Subversion one might be more complex than that, but the rest of them are almost certainly just that Webmin doesn’t know where to find everything it needs to do its job. So, hit the Webalizer module, and make sure it knows where the default configuration file is. Likewise, for the rest. Make sure PID paths and configuration file paths are correct, and everything else should fall into place.

Send along the corrections (along with the specific OS and version you’re running) and we’ll add them to the default Webmin config files in the future. We’ve occasionally had someone send along stuff for Gentoo, but it seems to change very frequently, as all of the three or four Gentoo users we have seem to have to do some configuration manually (but then again…Gentoo users enjoy doing stuff manually, so it’s OK!). :wink:

Yup… I’m going from a clunky old virtual Fedora box to a screaming edge physical Gentoo box. I know, it seems pretty crazy to be a gentoo user and a Virtualmin user. But that’s what they use at my new digs, and I figure I should keep with it. Maybe I can convince them to start using Virtualmin ;).

The configuration this time was pretty easy, even with some pretty custom needs. Most things came up with no problem, with only a exceptions, those being dhcpd (for some reason the only daemon package i found was udhcp), iptable bootup wierdness, and of course, Virtualmin.

It took a bit of tinkering to get it to look like my other box. But it’s there, it just doesn’t seem off the ground yet.

Well, I guess I’m off to go through all those modules and getting them configured.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Okay… All things go! Transfer was complete. Everything pretty much works now. Except I can’t seem to figure out why spam and virus filtering isn’t happening. All the plugins are turned on, I have spamd and clamd running. I’ve turned on all the spam and virus features in the domains. But I still do not see any message hitting the filters. I’m thinking it might be something to do with procmail. It’s setup was kinda miffed and had problems because some of the filter scripts procmail used in the previous server were in different locations on the new server. Id did have to do some manual hacking, such as building that procmail wrapper. But I can’t seem to find any procmail configuration for spam filtering.

I’ve even went so far as to turn on and off the spam and virus features, and turning them on again.

I’ll dig around in /etc/webmin to see if I can find anything.

Also maybe at some point I will document my gentoo experience and a little howto guide. There were a few gotchas, like making sure that sasl was installed, compiled, configured and running correctly.
Also some of the mail utilities need to be added because they don’t come with Postfix out of the box such as maildrop and Cyrus deliver.
Using unthreaded perl and apache2 is a MUST!