More problem, now MySQL Problem


When I try to install a program (osCommerse) on a domain I get this error message "MySQL support Unavailable/font>"

Any clue what to do with this?

Lars Reimers

PS. All my problem start efter install of the GD Graphics Library.

Hey Lars,

Also not related to the GD library. (I’m as happy to point fingers at random software as the next guy, but there’s plenty of opportunities to point when the software is actually to blame.) :wink:

It sounds like maybe you’re still hitting the other PHP version, rather than php4. If you’ve installed both PHP versions you have to follow the FAQ about disabling one of them–or you have to be using the “Run PHP scripts as domain user” feature. Both versions of mod_php cannot coexist in the same httpd instance, and it sounds like the one you have enabled is the one that doesn’t have all of the libraries that you want to use.

So, here’s what we need to do:

Make sure you’re using php4. I believe you’ve done that by commenting out everything in php.conf–I just re-read your other thread about these issues, and so I see that you’ve self-medicated correctly for that particular problem. Good job!

Make sure you have all of the php4 libraries that you want to use:

yum install php4-mysql php4-pgsql php4-imap php4-snmp php4-xmlprc php4-domxml php4-mbstring php4-ncurses php4-pear

This ought to fill almost every PHP requirement. The php 5 variant of these gets installed, by default, on Fedora systems–I’m working on getting both php 5 and php 4 versions installed on all systems (I’ve done a bunch of php work lately, and am getting much closer).

Then try your install script again.

Dear Joe!

Thank you for the exellent support.

Everythings works ok now after we have disable all the referens to php5, and install all of the file you write down, and the GD2 library are installed and work also as we hope.

Thanks a lot.
Have a nice day.

Lars Reimers