Monthly email billing.

I was wondering if there is something I can use to send my clients their bill each month.
I dont mind if I have to manually enter the serevices as they add them.

I am often away from my office and would like to be able to do this from anywhere.

Then each month the server sends them an invoice with what they are using.

It does not have to be automated or be able to create users or be intergrated int Webmin/Virtualmin.

Basically I set up each users invoice and each month it getsemailed to them, as long as I can edit the services billed for I am happy.

Any Sugestions, I used to use PHPcoin on Cpanel, even though it was way over kill, but am not sure how to set it up on my server.

Operating system CentOS Linux 5
Webmin version 1.410
Virtualmin version 3.57.gpl (GPL)


if it is only for billing then phpcoin would still work
whoiscart could be a solution ($35)
per haps even googleapps which has word and excel
and there are several other billing solutions

when it comes to billing and provisioning then only awbs might do the trick

Thanx for the info.

As mentioned its just simple invoices that would need to be sent monthly to the clients. I must just be able to add items to it during the month and it gets sent say on the 25th of each month.

I even thought of writing my own, but decided to first check thatI am not recreating something that is already out there.


Not to worry anymore.

I found this phpbms

it was quite a mission to find a download for it that worked,
but did eventually.

Was very easy to install and simple to use so far.

Will try to update this post on it once I have tried it for awhile.


yes it is in the hotscripts link i gave with a workable download link

Yes Thanx, but I found most of the links where back to their main website which kept giving acess denied to the links.

I eventually found it on one of the download sites that atleast did not just give yo alink to their site.

So far so good, now just need to try it for a few months and
see how the recurring billing works.