Monitoring License Usage?

I’m a little bit confused on the Virtualmin licensing model and looking for a bit of clarification.

We ran out of licenses the other day somewhat unexpectedly and I’m looking for a way to monitor that using Zenoss. I assumed that virtual servers = licensed domains which I figured out now must be a mistake… Under the Virtualmin information, it shows 92 virtual servers, but under the Virtualmin Licenses section it says we have 100 domains with 0 available.

Anyway, this confusion aside, I’d really like to be able to monitor the license usage via a script and I can’t seem to find a way. If I run ‘virtualmin’ it returns most of the same stats that are on the “System Information” in the Virtualmin web UI, but I can’t seem to find the licensing info. I do find the number of websites, databases, etc. but I can’t find it. If I do a ‘virtualmin help | grep license’ all I find is a script to change the license.

Would someone be able to point me in the right direction? I’d rather not get caught off guard again.


The best way to get the number of virtual servers you are licensed for is from the /etc/webmin/virtual-server/licence-status file, in the doms= line. If this is less than or equal to zero, there is no limit.

There should be no mismatch between the number of domains and virtual servers though, unless some bug exists. How many alias and non-alias virtual servers do you host? Alias servers should not count towards the limit…