too many records in syslog

There are a lot of records in my syslog file like this one:

Oct 5 10:45:01 server /USR/SBIN/CRON[29603]: (root) CMD (/etc/webmin/status/mon

There is a cronjob every 5 minutes for that script.

  1. What is doing and why it has to be run every 5 minutes?

  2. I am not using webmin service. I start it when is requested. Deleting the cron job is a good idea? Or increasing the time to 1h, 1d?

To change go to Wmin - Others - System and Server Status - click on " Scheduled Monitoring" and change on what you want e.g. 1 hour is fine.


That monitor is testing that various services are online, along with various websites on your server.

For example, and website that has the “Status Monitoring” feature checked is being tested for that.

You can see all the services being tested in the screen mentioned by Diabolico.

It tests all that every 5 minutes by default, but if you don’t need it tested as frequently, you can tune it to your preferred interval.


Great help. I will change this every 6 hours.