monitor existing lxc 3.0 instances

lxc 3.0 been installed and containers/guests (base directory /srv/lxc) running prior the installation of cloudmin. Been looking all over the cloudmin user space but fail to see how to add those container instances to cloudmin.

Appreciate some pointer of how to get his done.

LXC management is only in Cloudmin Pro. But if you have that, you should be able to set the path to lxc and it find it. I haven’t actually tried it though . I use the snap lxd version which is somewhat different and not able to work in clodumin.

Yes, had pro. Whilst therein it should be possible to set the path to lxc and it find it, at least from a customer perspective it is expected, there is none and hence I posted here.

Meantime cancelled my subscription as cloudmin does not appear to be really suitable for such scenario, notwithstanding the number of os images offered for lxc downloads are very few compared to what lxc 3.0 is offering. Perhaps cloudmin will pick up that slack and be prime for handling lxc but as of now it does not appear so.