MON not working

Hello All,

Wondering if anyone has been able to get MON to work via virtualmin? I have checked my, and userfile and permissions are fine. I also created the users in the userfile but when I try to run a check, it fails saying:

Could not successfully execute command “monitor” test service “http” on hostgroup “servers” on server “localhost”: 520 command could not be executed, unknown command (perhaps you don’t have permissions in

Any idea why this could be happening? I have posted my, and userfile in since attachments are disabled here: = =
userfile =

Well, I haven’t attempted to use Mon before – but it sounds like the test it’s trying to run to watch Apache is failing?

Do you perhaps see a file called http.monitor – perhaps in either /usr/lib/mon/mon.d or /etc/mon? If so, what’s in that file?


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do have a file among many other “check” files in /usr/lib/mon/mon.d called http.monitor. Here is what the file looks like: