Module proc does not exist

Hi all,
a VE with a Virtualmin instance was moved/converted/migrated by the ISP from originally OpenVZ to now KVM. This happened without any interaction from our or the users side.
Now, when logging into Virtualmin the above error message appears.
Googeling the error, the recommendation is to apt reinstall webmin?
Is this safe and won’t mess up the Virtualmin install and/or any settings?
Are there any other options/solutions to this issue? Can e.g. the ominous module proc be re-installed manually/separately?

I don’t suppose the err refs to directory /proc/ as it is still present in the filesystem…?

Or in another approach: what needs to be done, when a Virtualmin is moved from OpenVZ to KVM?

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The module should be installed with Webmin. Yo can check if it’s installed by looking at Webmin’s directory at /usr/[libexec|share]/webmin and search for proc/ dir.

Most likely, you don’t have this module enabled at Webmin/Webmin Users/username/Available Modules page.

If this module is really missing, you can use Webmin/Webmin Configuration/Webmin Modules page to install standard module.

Simply re-installing (not purging) Webmin package, by default, doesn’t delete its configuration, so it’s also safe to do.

Hello Ilia,

thanks for looking into my issue :slight_smile:

root@ams:~# cd /usr/share/webmin/
root@ams:/usr/share/webmin# ls proc
ls: cannot access 'proc': No such file or directory

You mean through browser/gui? Catch 22: I can’t get there, I get “Module proc does not exist” :wink:

That worked fine.
/usr/share/webmin/proc/ now present after re-install, webmin & Virtualmin are back running w. no errors.
Many thanks for your assistance, dear Ilia :+1: :pray:


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