Module postfix does not exist


in an attempt to free up as much memory for my server as possible I removed a few modules I didn’t think I need.

One of them was postfix and it’s causing problems. I can’t create new virtual server or Edit users. In both cases I get an error:
“Module postfix does not exist”

I’ve tried reinstalling it with the command
sudo apt-get install postfix
But it says it’s already installed.

How do I make postfix as part of Virtualmin again?

I’d like to add that I find Virtualmin a great asset in managing my VPS!

Thank you!

I found a solution. I did
sudo apt-get purge postfix

Which output some errors, so I had to go into /var/lib/dpkg/info and delete everything that had Postfix in it.

I ran the purge command again, successful this time.

Then I went into Webim - Webmin - Webmin configuration - Webmin modules and I did:
Install from - standard module from - Postfix.

The script ran fine and now everything works.

Hope it helps somebody else.