Module init does not exist


Con jobs are not running. In Usermin > Scheduled Cron Jobs is showing error:

Module init does not exist
Please guide me

I have no idea. I’ve asked Jamie if he knows what’s going wrong.

Thanks, for reporting this. We have just fixed this bug for inclusion in the next Usermin release.

Meanwhile, you can safely ignore this error and keep using Cron module in Usermin.

I am same user of [whp2022]. I have written you mail for this login issue. Please look there.

Thanks for update. But my issue not solve till now. I was assume due to this bugs I am facing issue.

My issue is that my own cron jobs are not running. There is no error. Control panel is showing correct.

Please guide me how can I fix it.

Go to Webmin / System ⇾ Scheduled Cron Jobs and make sure that crond service is running.

Yes, that is running there.

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