Do I need to run mod_python to run virtualmin? One more question, how do I disable/enable Apache modules like mod_python in virtualmin/webmin? I have looked at the documentation and it says to go to the Apache global config but I do not have the link in there that I had on a test installation last week to turn on and off Apache modules.


No, mod_python is not a dependency of Virtualmin.

If you’re interested in tweaking Apache modules, you can do so by going into Webmin -> Servers -> Apache -> Global configuration -> Configure Apache Modules. From there, you can enable and disable any of the Apache modules installed on your system.


I do not have a “Configure Apache Modules” link on that page. Any idea why that may be?

The installation you’re looking at – how did you go about installing it, was it with the script? Do you know what Webmin and Virtualmin version you’re using? And lastly, are you using the default Virtualmin Framed Theme, or are you by chance using a different theme?


Yes I used the install script. I am using the default theme. I tried all of the others and they are missing the link as well. I installed the system twice on Ubuntu in development using the files from the site rather then the install script and had the link in those versions. There were other issues installing it that way though (the /home directory apache issue etc.) and from going through the forums it looked to be a better option to use the script

Webmin: 1.510

Virtualmin: 3.77.gpl

Hrm, that’s a bit odd.

Any chance you could post a screenshot of the screen you see whenever you go into Webmin -> Servers -> Apache -> Global configuration?



Here is a screenshot

Any ideas?

Nothing huh? I guess I could just use it like it is. It is concerning though that I have the absolute ideal installation as outlined repeatedly on this site and it still does not work as expected so I will try some of the other products on the market. Thanks.

mine looks just like that too. enabling/disabling apache modules is nowhere to be found.