I am trying to install Webmail (SquirrelMail). Keep getting error "SquirrelMail requires the Apache mod_php4 module"

I have done the suggested fix in the FAQ to downgrade to PHP4. (I am using Fedora 5).

I have looked under Webmin/ apache / Reconfigure and their is a check box for mod_php4. But I can’t find reference to it in http.conf, or php4.conf.

Where can I confirm whether I have this module.? Can it be installed via yum.?


Hey Michael,

You’re not really downgrading, when you follow the FAQ, as PHP5 is still available on the system (though it can only be used as CGI, until fcgid is available in the repos).

If you’ve followed the FAQ instructions, and you didn’t get any errors when you installed the php4* packages with yum, then you definitely have mod_php4 available, and reconfiguring the Apache modules in Webmin is all that remains to make it all spin. mod_php4 is part of the php4 package (though the mod_php* files are actually named libphp*.so for a reason unknown to me).

If you don’t remember what happened during installation, you can check to see if the packages are actually installed:

rpm -q php4

And, if you have an /etc/httpd/conf.d/php4.conf file, you can also be confident that php4 is available on the system. Once you’ve made the changes documented in the FAQ, your Apache will be loading the php4 module rather than php5.

Thanks Joe,

I was one click away! Just needed to click "configure" button under "re-configure known modules" in apache module.