mod_fcgid timeout ?

I’m running Virtualmin Pro on Centos 5.1
Many hosted sites run various php mailer script but they both cant complete their cycle, I got:

"Thu Apr 10 02:06:03 2008] [warn] mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 40 seconds [Thu Apr 10 02:06:03 2008] [info] (110)Connection timed out: mod_fcgid: can’t read data from fcgid handler [Thu Apr 10 02:06:03 2008] [warn] (110)Connection timed out: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request function "

I think it’s related with some mod_fcgid timeout but I cant figure out how to override it
any advice?


Actually I suspect something is slowing down mail commands from PHP…40 seconds ought to be plenty of time to send an email. (Though sometimes I see fcgid timeout errors on our systems…it’s never been mail related, as far as I know.)

Try running a test email script from the command line to see how long it takes to send out a message from PHP. That might give you some clues.

You can adjust the timeout for Apache IPC (which I think is the only timeout that effects fcgid) using these two directives in httpd.conf:

IPCConnectTimeout 20
IPCCommTimeout 300

Both times are in seconds.

thx, after adding those two lines with the proper timeout everything went fine !!


Awesome. Thanks for the update!

By the way, this bug is for a request to set the IPCCommTimeout to the PHP max execution time, which will be implemented in Virtualmin 3.56.

Thank you Jamie!

Where exactly, in the VirtualMin/WebMin interface does one go to edit the IPCComTimeout?

We seem to be having this problem on our server, and, while I can edit the httpd.conf file directly, I like to learn where these things are in the VirtualMin GUI…which is maze like…can we PLEEEEZZE DADDY get a Search option added to the UI? :slight_smile:

Well, first off, if you’d like to be able to search in the Virtualmin GUI, just click the Webmin link on the top-left, and look on the bottom of the left column – there’s a Search textbox there.

However, I believe the IPCComTimeout param is one that you’ll need to add manually to the Apache config.

Just go into Webmin -> Servers -> Apache Webserver -> Global configuration -> Edit Config Files, and add it to the end there somewhere.

that search box is actually pretty powerful.
never used it/noticed it really, lol
thx for pointing out

I keep seeing the error:
mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 40 seconds

No matter where I add the following:

IPCConnectTimeout 20
IPCCommTimeout 300

I have edited the directives in

and I have eddited the directives in

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks =)

Are you sure your script is returning in reasonable time? I’m guessing 40 seconds is the maximum set in PHP, perhaps. I don’t really know as I’ve never run into this myself.

Joe, thanks for the help.

The issue is with the maintenance script that runs once an hour for OpenX.

Sometimes it finishes without the error, but, I assume, when there is more to process it errors out.

I just can’t find where 40 seconds is specified anywhere. Everything that I can find from php to fcgi is set to a 60 second maximum.

…well, 60 seconds or higher.