Mixing cPanel and Virtualmin Server - email issues

Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4 REQUIRED
Webmin version 1.990
- Virtualmin version

I am having an issue setting up a virtualmin server. I have 2 cpanel servers and just set up a virtualmin server.

Server02.domain.com - cPanel

Server03.domain.com - cPanel

Server05.domani.com – virtualmin

Server 02 is the mailserver. Can I have another mail server on server05 or will I need to create an MX record to point to server 02? Currently I cannot get mail to work correctly. It is getting refused from everything.

Any help would be appreciated.

You’re not asking the right questions. Whether some of your servers run cPanel or not is irrelevant.

Why is mail rejected (it has nothing to do with cPanel or Virtualmin or intermixing the two)? Look in the mail log and try to do the thing that is failing…the mail log entries will tell you why it’s failing. And, if you don’t see mail log entries, it means your DNS configuration is to blame.

Hi Joe,

I did check the log files its just that they are not very helpful. Almost Every email I send to rejects it. I thought is may be and issue with the multiple servers.

Mar 21 01:01:28 server05 postfix/qmgr[54555]: EB1F8BD964: from=<gfxsitedesign@gfxsitedesign.com>, size=691, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Mar 21 01:01:28 server05 postfix/smtpd[128153]: disconnect from localhost[] helo=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 quit=1 commands=5
Mar 21 01:01:28 server05 postfix/error[127007]: EB1F8BD964: to=<ctyler4122@gmail.com>, relay=none, delay=0.05, delays=0.05/0/0/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: connect to alt4.gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com[]:25: Connection refused)

Sorry. I know email and DNS probably give you and your staff a lot of issues and I am trying not to add any more to that than I have to.

Are you sure you have port 25 open? Many hosts block it, and you can’t run a mail server without it (you have to relay outgoing mail, and you can’t receive mail, assuming the block goes both ways).

Looks like it was my csf. I am not sure how but SMTP_BLOCK was turned on.

Thanks you for you time Joe.

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