Missing something Fresh install

Apparently I’m missing something when following the basic install and trying to secure the webmin with LetsEncrypt. I’ve use LE on multiple occasions and know how to set it up manually but when I follow the guides (multiple) I can manage to get it installed and working but as soon as I go to create my first virtual server it crashes my certificate on my webmin install. Why would it keep doing that? I have everything setup in my DNS servers pointing correctly my fqdn is hhhhh.ddddd.org and then I try to set up a virtual host of just ddddd.org and that is when it breaks my cert for my fqdn site.


I don’t know what you mean by this.

There was a bug in the Virtualmin Pro package version 6.09-1 that made SSL behave badly for mail services, but that’s probably not what you’re seeing. (But make sure you’re up to date on all packages.)

Thanks for replying Joe!
If I am understanding the process correctly, I am installing on a fresh vps, once the install completes, prior to creating a virtual server within Virtualmin, I manually create a virtual host at the default apache2 directory using my fqdn, I am able to successfully create a secure connection by using the webmin/webmin configuratoin/ssl Encryption tab and it will install a LE cert and create a secure connection to my fqdn:10000 connection.

Once I login that way I go to the Virtualmin tab and create my first virtual server and once it is complete it breaks my webmin cert that I created for my fqdn.
It appears the self signed cert that is created with the virtual host is using an anonymous subdomain.

Hope that is a little more clear.


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