Missing "upgrade webmin" module?

So, using Virtualmin PRO, I go to webmin, webmin configuration, and, no upgrade webmin module.

How do I get it back?

I presume it is supposed to be there on centos?

I see no errors in the install log.

Yeah, there’s definitely an “Upgrade Webmin” option when I go into the Webmin Configuration on my Pro system.

Which Webmin version are you using (I have 1.450), and which theme are you using (I have the Virtualmin Framed Theme)?

Virtualmin framed. Straight load yesterday on virgin centos machine of Virtualmin PRO. You guys created the user name root I presume in the script somewhere.

Something curious - I created an admin user from the root user, permitted all (just like root) and, it SHOWS the upgrade.

The built in root webmin user does not.


So, I ended up deleting the webmin user root.

This option is intentionally hidden in Virtualmin installations using install.sh, because the Virtualmin Package Updates module supercedes it–it is smarter, knows more about native package managers, and participates in the System Information page. Having two ways to upgrade Webmin just confused people who aren’t really familiar with how things work and the difference between Virtualmin and Webmin.

Also, sometimes we roll out versions of Webmin that aren’t the current “stable” release, in order to correct a specific problem that only effects Virtualmin users…and sometimes we roll out synchronized versions of Webmin, Virtualmin, and the Virtualmin Framed Theme, and upgrading separately would cause breakage (not serious breakage…just missing functions in one component or another, leading to Perl undefined function errors).

In short: You probably don’t want to be using the Webmin update function if you have the option of using the Virtualmin Package Updates module.

That would be great, but, the Virtualmin one did not show updates to postfix that came out, the webmin one did. It was also missing several other webmin updates. So, it was not the same thing.

Yes, even when checking all (not virtualmin only). I don’t think it’s working properly for webmin modules.