Missing "Preview Website" option

OS type and version: RHEL 8
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17 Pro

I am migrating from one server to another and am attempting to preview the websites before I switch over IP and DNS. I don’t see the preview website option on any of my domains. What am I missing?

Do you see the services tab in the domain you’re moving but the preview website isn’t in it or do you not even see the services tab in that particular domain?

I see the services menu, but no preview website.


Go to Edit Virtual Server / Enable Features Tab and make sure Apache Website is enabled.

Looks like it already is on all the domains. It is so strange!


It may be hidden if localhost is not in your resolvers (this feature uses local DNS to preview a site even before DNS info has propagated). I don’t know exactly what would hide it, off-hand, but that’s my best guess.

Yeah, I double checked that and it appears to be there. This is so odd and frustrating. Hopefully someone else will have an idea?

Menu entry Logs and Reports → Connectivity Check is Pro feature only and added to the left menu unconditionally for all Pro users. If you’re seeing this on a Pro installation, you may need to clear menu cache using a hotkey combination or right side slider:
image image

By the way, thanks for your report, I have fixed few issues on the theme side, where some Pro features’ progressive output wasn’t displayed properly and connectivity.cgi page was one of them.

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