missing mailman?

I tried to create a new virtual server today and I am getting

Failed to create virtual server : Mailman cannot be enabled unless the administration list mailman has been created.This can be done in the Mailman plugin module.

What gives? I do not want to cause any issues with my other virtual servers, what do I need to do? Why is this coming up?

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How did you install Virtualmin? install.sh should have installed virtualmin-base which should have setup the mailman list for you, but there was a bug in virtualmin-base off and on for about 1.5 weeks that was finally resolved completely this past week that led to the last few steps in the virtualmin-base configuration not happening (it was actually the Mailman part that was broken–a new mailman module resolved the issue and some new code in virtualmin-base insures any single failure in the future won’t cause the rest of the script to fail).

Anyway, the simple answer is: do what it says. Mailman is somewhat hateful, and refuses to even start if you don’t have a mailing list named “mailman” for administrative messages. So, go create one. It doesn’t need anything special–just make a list and call it “mailman”, with yourself as the administrator of the list. Then Mailman will start, and you’ll be able to add mailing lists to your virtual servers.

This will not effect your other servers. Mailman is wholly independent of almost everything else in the system.