Missing files in /etc/webmin/virtual-server


You may remember that for my system we had to manually add lookup-domain.pl to /etc/webmin/virtual-server

It seems that are might be other files missing as i get cron complaining

The ones I know are missing are:

What shall i do? Should I add the same wrapper of these programs that are in /usr/share ?

Here is the current list of files:-
admins framefwd-template map.subdom spamclear.pl
autoreply.pl last-config map.user subdomain-template
bandwidth licence.pl names templates
bw.pl licence-status netod.acl test.acl
bw-template local-template plainpass uber.com.acl
clam-wrapper.pl lookup-domain.pl procmail update-template
collected map.alias procmail-logger.pl user-template
config map.dom quotas.pl warnbw-template
domains map.gid reseller-template writelogs.pl
domain-template map.parent spam
filter.pl map.reseller spamclear

Hey Greg,

Something went astray somewhere. I’ll ask Jamie to chime in on this thread, as he knows where and how those files get generated.

It looks like something failed during the Virtualmin module install process. However, you can re-run this with the following commands :

cd /usr/share/webmin
export WEBMIN_CONFIG=/etc/webmin
export WEBMIN_VAR=/var/webmin
/usr/share/webmin/run-postinstalls.pl virtual-server

This didn’t work.

It took a minute or so to run

/usr/share/webmin/run-postinstalls.pl virtual-server

with no errors but the missing files were not created.

any other ideas?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you first should delete those three cron jobs (for spamclear.pl, fcgiclear.pl and collectinfo.pl), and then re-run run-postinstalls.pl

Excellent! that worked.

Can you tell if anything else is missing. the biggest problem with a broken install is wondering ‘what else is wrong’…


It’s hard to tell until I hear about which Virtualmin features are not working, sorry …
But the full set of .pl files that should exist are :


Correction, that is the full list that can possibly exist - not all are needed on all systems.

I must also have a broken installation. I used rpm but now wish I had used tar ball, or some other method.

I’m missing the entire directory /usr/share/webmin so I can not rebuild the postinstall perl files. procmail didn’t have a procmailrc so I pieced together one from the posts here on the forum. I didn’t have the perl file lookup-domain.pl

I did have collectinfo.pl and writelogs.pl in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/

I’m having a problem when I edit the user settings in usermin but that is the least of my problems currently. Two days and I still don’t have mail running using Postfix, procmail and dovecot. Haven’t even started on Mailscanner, spamassassin and clamav yet.

Thanks for any pointers.


Howdy Scott,

The RPM installs into /usr/libexec/webmin, not /usr/share/webmin. Installing from RPM (or deb on Debian/Ubuntu) is recommended. It just makes life easier down the road.

I know it’s a day late and a dollar short, but a new version of the automated installer is being released today or tomorrow that supports Virtualmin GPL installation (at least on a couple of platforms). It handles most (though not all) of the stuff you’re run into trouble with.

Note that a lot of those scripts only come with Virtualmin Professional, at this time–they rely on so much of our default infrastructure that it doesn’t make sense to distribute it to folks who configure things vastly differently (like Mailscanner–that isn’t going to work at all with our scripts…we use procmail recipes for all mail processing, including SpamAssassin and Clam scanning).