Missing features in Services menu


I am using Virtualmin 4.18.gpl on CentOS 7.1.

On previous installs of virtualmin I used to deal with protected directories under the “Services” menu of virtual servers.

But on a fresh install, It seems that features are missing in this menu. I only see :

  • Configure Website
  • Preview Website

On another Virtualmin i can see a lot more features :

  • Configure Website
  • Configure Website for SSL
  • PHP 5 Configuration
  • Preview Website
  • Protected Directories

Why do I have only 2 entries under the “Services” menu on my fresh install ?


Edit :
Ok some features were globally disabled, and just needed to be enabled in “Features and plugin”.
I think the protected dir plugin was enabled by default in previous versions of Virtualmin, because I don’t remember that I had to enable it.


Ok this is an old one but I have the same problem on one of my vps’s. No “protected directories” although I have it on exactly similar machines.

But “protected directories” is nowhere to be seen in the “Features and plugins” menu … so I have no possibility to activate it … Any idea of how I should proceed to get it back ?

Thks. Pierre.