Missing domain

Hi, please can sombody help me fix this problem:

I have added a new domain to an existing account (using “Create Virtual Server” then “subserver”). It all started as usual but before the last step my server crashed.
Now I don’t have the domain in the domain list, but I can’t add it again, for Virtualmin states
Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain ***** is already hosted by your DNS server

I have checked the config files. httpd.conf, bind etc, all have the domain listed. The database, the /domains/***** folder …, all exists.
It seams, everything was created exept virtualmin did not save the domain in it’s list (this is what i guess).

I think, I should

  1. add the domain name to Virtualmin somehow forcing it to accept it
  2. delete everything about it and add it again, maybe using some command line tool

but I don’t know how coud I do it.
Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried “Validate Virtual Servers” under Limits & Validation?

Thank you for the reply,
but unfortunatelly this won’t help. The domain is not listed in “Validate Virtual Servers”.

That is my problem, Virtualmin does not know about the domain while all the config files do and all the folders, databases etc are created. It seams only the last step of the “Create Virtual Server” did not finish.

I’d be tempted to remove the VirtualHost in the Apache file and remove the user\group in webmin. Hopefully should get you going and if it doesn’t the error displayed when you try to add the domain again, should be more meaningful.

Thank you for your reply!
To be honest, I was hoping this can be bypassed somehow, by forcing Virtualmin to put the domain on it’s list.
But today I followed your recommendation and manually deleted the domain

  • from httpd.conf
  • from named.conf and also deleted the zone file
  • from postfix/virtual
  • the folder of it’s documentroot
  • the database

After this I added the virtual server and Virtualmin made everything with just one notice: the logrotation did not succeede (I should have delete the logfiles too) . But virtual server now works fine!

@AstraTelekom - glad you got is sorted.