Misc. questions about Virtualmin (Fresh Install)

Operating system: Linux-Ubuntu
**OS version:**20.04


I have installed fresh Virtualmin on Linux-Ubuntu 20.04.

I have not added any virtual server to virtualmin yet. I have also not added any hostame.

I need to know following answers:-

a) If My webmin login url is (xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:10000) and I wish to secure this login url with SSL what should I do? I have activated 3 Months SSL for the Server I.P address i.e https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx. Is it Good to add ip address as a separate virtual server which displays different domains. I want everything as separate as possible. It created a MESS with CENTOS when I was trying to install SSL on the main webmin login

b) I have not not specified any hostname during installation. Do you think it is something which can be configured later too? Will there be issues in the installation without specifying hostname later?

c) My previous website ABC .com was hosted on the main I.P address of the server i.e xxx.xxx.xxx.xx. It created multiple issues due to which I want my server I.P to be separate and any “add-on” domains to be separate (with or without having their own dedicated separate I.P). Is it a good practice to keep “Add-on Domains” and Server I.P as separate independent virtual servers i.e my server IP shows as https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx and shows Apache default page.

Please guide. I would request you to let me know as soon as possible. I would greatly appreciate your inputs as I am new to Ubuntu :slight_smile:


A. Webmin has a build-in function for that.
B. Yes and depending on how and what you do, it might cause issues later on. In general, it doesn’t.
C. It doesn’t matter. Security through obscurity isn’t really the way to go. For managing and that related things, yes it might help (depending on your personal taste). But other than that, not that it matters.

You don’t need to do that. When you create a domain with Virtualmin and get a Let’s Encrypt (or other cert) for it, it is automatically used when you connect to that domain name on port 10000. There is a “copy to Webmin” button, but there’s not reason to use it. Just connect to your Virtualmin domains on port 10000 and forget there is a “main Webmin login”. There is no such thing as a “main Webmin login”.

Just give your server a name when you install it. Why make your life harder? (It is mostly harmless, and can be corrected later, but just give it a name.)

As for C, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it sounds complicated, so you probably shouldn’t do it.

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