Minor bug: deleting or disabling a virtual server should also delete the entry in /etc/letsencrypt

Ubuntu 18.04
Virtualmin GPL 6.17-3

I noticed a minor bug:
When deleting or disabling a virtual server, Virtualmin should also delete the corresponding entry in /etc/letsencrypt otherwise the letsencrypt script will endlessly try to renew the SSL certificate for the no-longer-active site.
That would be in /etc/letsencrypt/live and /etc/letsencrypt/renewal

+1 for this. should clean it up when virtual servers are deleted…

another minor issue are the thousands of old csr .pem files in /etc/letsencrypt/csr not being cleared… but that’s a letsencrypt issue : Remove all generated CSR to free disk space - #9 by schoen - Help - Let's Encrypt Community Support . certbot should clean up those, not sure if they’ll ever fix it…

actually, it’s also /etc/letsencrypt/archive. those dirs above, only have cert symlinks while cert files are actually located in “archive” dir.


Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass this to @Jamie for a comment.

Good suggestion, we should clean these up. I’ll add code for it …

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