Minimum Resources for Vmin Pro on XEN

I was wondering if anyone can suggest minimum specs for a VMIN system to run with reasonable speed under XEN (or VMWare)? I have run VMin under CentOS in Parallels on a Mac, so I know it will function in a virtual environment. What I’m trying to gage is how much resource I need to allocate under the virtual server to get a good runtime experience for VMin users. Sort of a tough question since I understand it would depend on the number sites, databases and so. Lets say something like this environment:

CentOS 5.X
One of the two cores on a Sunfire 2100 M2 (Next-Generation AMD Opteron 1.8 GHz)
500GB Drive space
Maybe 150 virtual sites
No mail lists
There will be MySQL usage … mostly constrained to installed options (WordPress, perhaps Drupal, PHPScheduleIt …) vs user created databases

Ram is key and 3GB can serve 150 websites easily. So long the isp isn’t overselling its resources

Seriously, 3GB for 150 accounts. We’ve just started checking out Virtualmin for use on Xen and are very concerned about those specs. We thought our Plesk on Virtuozzo instances would be more of a hog, but apparently not. We’ve got 200 moderately active sites on a Plesk 8.6 instance running on Virtuozzo 3 and only have 1GB allocated to it, and it is typically only using ~400MB. Virtualmin on Xen is going to need 7x that?!? Wow! Might need to rethink why we are looking it.


I don’t see how xen would require any significantly more RAM or other resources than anything else. Xen does provide disk caching, which is more useful than not, or than enduring the process killer.

Virtualmin installs fine on a 512MB xen running Debian 5; but if you want to run all the (AV, ftp, mailman, etc.) servers, you’ll need at least twice that, which is also true for any other platform.

3GB for 150 accounts
try reading what it says. it says “easily”. You do not need 3GB for a few domains like that. But he has 3GB available and wants to host 150 domains. That can be done easily.

Drawing wrong conclusions can also be done easily.