migration tool?

Hello people,

I set up a box based on Fedora, but my experience with webmin and CentOS convinces me that it’d be nice if I could migrate the whole shebang over to a CentOS box.

Just thought I’d ask… is there ANY possible way to save and later restore every single website, user, setting, path, and uploaded file of the various virtual domains after I change the os to CentOS?

Oh, I know this isn’t really gonna happen, but, ehh… the rest of the stuff is such a miracle I thought… well, heck, I might as well ask.


Sure :slight_smile:

And using CentOS for your server is a great idea.

Just do a backup, and dump all the backup files into a given directory.

Copy said backup files to your new server, then restore them.

The process is meant to be straight forward – when you’re restoring them, you just point Virtualmin at the directory holding your backups, and it can restore them all at once.

Try it a few times, make sure it works the way you want before actually making the new server live, and get a feel for what to expect.

It should work well as a whole, but little things here and there may come up that need tweaked. It’s far better than starting from scratch :slight_smile: A missing dependency, or changing a setting to X rather than Y, and similar things outside of what actually gets setup within Virtualmin.

I’ll also mention that the command line tools can further automate the process, if you have a huge number of domains hosted. A few lines of bash could wrap up everything on one system, copy it to the new system, and unwrap it, all while you go have a cup of coffee or tea. But, if you just have a few, the GUI is the way to go, and it’s always gone quite smoothly when I’ve moved virtual servers. If you run into any problems, do let us know. We take the backup and restore process more seriously than anything else in Virtualmin. It’s rarely used, but backups are just so darned important…when you need them, you really need them.

I more concerned about permissions and MySQL databases than missing this or that file so much.

I think I’ll just go out and build a third machine, install CentOS, roll up the files on the second machine, then try to import them to the CentOS machine… I’ll keep you posted when I actually do it.


I more concerned about permissions and MySQL databases than missing this or that file so much.

Yeah, we’re concerned about that, too. :wink:

I’m considering buying a new server to do this today.

I assume my moves will be "Webmin->Backup Configuration Files->Modules to Backup" and select everything and "include in backup" Webmin module configuration files and Server configuration files.

Hmmm… I also see System->File System Backup but I don’t understand how I could use that when switching from Fedora to CentOS.

Is there anything else I should know about completing an entire migration from Fedora to CentOS before I start?


Hi Tony,

The backup method I would recommend is in Virtualmin -> Backup and Restore.

Using that, you can dump all of the Virtual Servers and their related settings, and then easily restore them on another server (and the CLI tools Joe mentioned perform similar functions, just from the command line).

Further, if you aren’t using it already, I’d highly recommend setting up a nightly backup using the Scheduled Backups in that section :slight_smile:

To add to what Eric said, the filesystem backup is for disaster recovery scenarios; including bare metal recovery situations (assuming you have a rescue CD around with Webmin on it). It is not generally useful in a virtual hosting environment, where you buy a server pre-installed with the OS. The Virtualmin backup tools backup just the Virtualmin related data…user home directories, databases, mailboxes, configuration file sections for Apache, BIND, Postfix, etc. and then the restore puts them all back into place in such a way that the virtual host should operate exactly as it did before the move.