Migration to a new server

I need to migrate about 50 websites from an old Virtualmin server (OS: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS with PHP 5.3.10) to a new server (OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS).

By default, Ubuntu 16 ships with PHP 7.
I don’t know if all CMS are compatible with such version.
Is it stable / supported to have multiple PHP version installed at the same time, with Virtualmin?
In case, how can I manage this with PHP .deb packages? Should I use specific repository/ppa?
Thank you

Your heading to a disaster?

Why do you need to move to 16.04?

14.04 Will have php 5.5+ which will also be a problem.

Better off going to centos, if your hoster is forcing you because of the dead eol of 12.04 then get a dedicated server and start to have some freedom.

Time to wake up.

Judgement arrives.

Hi Welshman.
I totally missed your point.
I have TWO dedicated server. I need to move all websites from one to another.
My question is: will I able to have two PHP version at the same time (let’s say, PHP 5.6.30 AND PHP 7)?
Is it possible to configure each website with a specific PHP version?

Thank you

Well to begin with you will have to figure out what your client software will actually run on.

Hi fkville, my approach would be to install virtualmin with ubuntu 16.xx onto virtualbox and try to move your sites from real server there to see if it all works as it should. if it would then just process on real servers. - some things from php 7 was removed and no longer in php7 which they was in php 5.x so your best bet would be to set it actually on some virtual box or virtual machine.