Migration from VPS server to dedicated server


2 questions.

  1. I just started a migration from one of my old VPS servers to at new super-fast dedicated server.
    My question is now, i installed the new server with the same license as the old VPS runs with. The migration will be done in about 2 weeks. Will this give me any problems, running to servers simultaneously with the same license. I do know that I might not comply with the license.

  2. Is it possible to get a devel license?




There’s instructions for performing migrations here –


They explain how the licensing works – essentially though, it’s no problem to use the same license on two systems during a migration.

When you ask about a “devel” license – what do you want to be able to do with that?



Thanks for the link, I actually already read that page but did not see the part about licensing :wink: but that is nice.
About the devel license. I am writing some custom scripts, and using whmcs to manage my customers. Why I need a devel license is for having a Virtualmin Pro test server locally at my office to do the testing of my scripts and automation systems, without running on one of the production servers.



I may need to check with Joe again about how the specifics of licensing works to answer your question there.

Though I’ll offer that WHMCS is actually available on a Virtualmin GPL – so you may actually be able to use Virtualmin GPL on that test system. It has the full API available to it, it comes with a handful of Install Scripts (including WHMCS), and you could write custom Install Scripts for it if you wanted.