Migration from Suse9.3 to Centos5

Hey Joe,

I migrated about 20 servers away from a Suse9.3 box to a Centos5 box last night.

I used your backup and restore scripts to perform the migration (Maybe I should have used the move scripts? Didnt think about it until I was done). All in all, I am very impressed. It went well about 95% of the time. I did notice the following issues…

  1. When restoring a virtual host and the IP address conflicts, it bombs. Say for example .25 is a shared Ip and your trying to restore a SSL enable host that wants to use .25, it dies. I had to un-compress the tar.gz change the data myself and the do a restore. All was well at this point.

  2. It doesnt like large restores. One domain was 10 gig and would bomb about two out of three times. I figure this is not a virtualmin issue, but rather a php issue. Was too tired to investigate.

One suggestion (which would solve both of the above) I would make is that you make the "restore" feature more interactive. For example, if a user account already exists, give me the option to rename or overwrite. As it stands right not, the restore script halts with an error. Same thing on awstats directorys, group names, mysql database names and users. Make sense?

Great product, by the way…

John P.

Hey John,

Awesome! Thanks for the status report on your migration. I’ll ask Jamie to have a look at this thread, and see about getting the issues you solve either resolved or documented so folks will find it easier in the future (we’re also building some migration features into a new product, as well, so this stuff has to work flawlessly).

Hi John,

Could you tell me more about this IP address conflict, such as exactly what error message was reported? I surprised that it happens, as a domain with a private IP for SSL shouldn’t clash with any shared IP, as they are supposed to be separate in the first place.

Sorry for the slow reply…

Basically, on the new server, I had x.x.x.75 as a shared IP. On the old server, .75 was a dedicated IP for an SSL enabled server. When attempting to restore, it would bomb out. Dont remember the exact error. I ended up untarring the backup file, changing the virtual min server settigs to the IP I wanted it to be, then tarred it back up and imported it. All was well then.

John P.

Ok, that explains it … Virtualmin is ‘correctly’ complaining that there is an IP address clash when you attempt to restore this domain. I don’t see any way to avoid this, unless I add a feature to change the private IP when restoring.