Migration from Cpanel to Virtualmin (Cpanel host doesn't offer BACKUP)

As the subject says, my CPanel host will not provide or allow me to make a backup. So how would I go about moving everything over easily. I can make Wordpress backups through Softaculous but I can’t seem to find it for Virtualmin. I also need to bring over scads of emails along with about 15-20 email accounts. I found the migration tab under add server in Webmin but it asks for the backup file that is not going to be there. Is there a way to make it just FTP or SSH in to the Cpanel and then grab everything?

I tried a forum search and most of what I saw was needing the backup file from the Cpanel.

Operating system:Ubuntu
OS version:20.4LTS

Assuming that your cPanel host will permit you to connect via FTP or SSH, you could use lftp or rsync, respectively, to transfer files efficiently. For email, assuming that your cPanel host will permit you to connect via IMAP, you could use imapsync to migrate all mailboxes but you will have to manually create the 15-20 email accounts that you have on the new server (Virtualmin).

It is far from a one-click solution but is doable even if your cPanel host will not allow you to make a backup.

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I’ll look at those 3. Are they items I can add to Virtualmin through the Webmin Modules?

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