Migration from cPanel successfully done. But website not coming up.


As you can see my website was migrated to Virtualmin (GPL) from a cPanel platform. - No Errors.
Virtualmin is also ‘ready to host my website’.

But the website is not working.
in the edit virtual server it shows home directory: home/dhakafoo

But my wordpress site is actually located in: home/dhakafoo/public_html/vigorroar

I thought the intelligent VM migration system would set the appropriate root directories, but apparently not. Now what to do ?

I have tried to paste all my website files inside the “home/dhakafoo” directory, hoping they would work. But no result.

Any idea what road I should take ?



It’s possible that they both are right… that /home/dhakafoo/ is your Virtual Server home directory, but that the DocumentRoot is set elsewhere.

What happens when you browse to your website? Do you see an error of any kind?

Also, if you look in $HOME/logs/access_log, do you see the attempt to access your site? And in $HOME/logs/error_log, are any errors shown there?