Migrating Virtualmin to a new server : should i backup Webmin too ?


i’m, again, migrating my Virtualmin to a new server.
Last time i had very few issues caused by the fact FTP accounts created directly in Webmin had not been transferred to the new server.

I’m following the procedure to migrate Virtualmin but should i also Backup and restore Webmin configuration ?
And if so, should i do it before or after the big Virtualmin and virtual domains restore ?


I don’t think transferring Webmin configuration - if you’re talking about the command “Webmin / Backup Configuration Files” - would migrate FTP users you create in Webmin. As far as I know, Webmin has no concept of “FTP users” really, you’d rather create system users there with the proper home directory and stuff.

I think if you try to migrate configuration with Webmin, you could create more of a mess on a new Virtualmin installation on your new system than a few missing FTP users. :wink:

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
I won’t !


Yeah, as Locutus mentioned, it sounds like perhaps you created some system users outside of Virtualmin, and indeed those would not be migrated when migrating your various Virtualmin Virtual Servers… but they also wouldn’t be part of the Webmin backup either, that’s just Webmin settings.

You may want to make a backup of /etc, just to have it – but if you manually created any users, you’d need to manually re-create those.

If at all possible though, I’d suggest making the users as part of Virtualmin, which will make sure they get backed up… and re-created if you ever perform a migration.