Migrating Virtual Hosts

I have an Apache Virtualhosts file that has all of the domain names and their information in this format

ServerName mydomainname.com
DocumentRoot /path/to/public_html

There are a few hundred or so blocks of VirtualHost directives like that in this file.

I’ve looked around the forums and Google, but I haven’t seen a direct way to import a file like this and have Virtualmin migrate all of the information. Is there something that I’m missing or does a feature like this not exist in Virtualmin ?


I lose track of what features are in Pro vs GPL… if you log into Virtualmin, do you see an “Add Servers” option on the left navigation bar, near the bottom?

If so, in there you could use the “Import Virtual Server” feature to use your existing config.

If not, that’s probably a Pro-only feature.