Migrating to new hardware

Our Virtualmin server has become a major part of our network now and I need to move it to new hardware. Looking for any advice on the easiest way to do this. I do a nightly backup of all the virtual servers, but what about all the virtualmin settings?

Thanks in advance for the help

The Virtualmin backup can backup all of the Virtualmin settings as well–in the Features and Settings just select all of the "Virtualmin settings to backup". Bringing Virtualmin settings across should be completely safe…and any problems that result are probably bugs that we want to fix.

Webmin can also backup it’s configuration files and the system configuration files, if you’ve done any serious customizations to Webmin module configurations (this is, hopefully, far more rare than modifying Virtualmin settings, since it’s much harder to bring over server configuration from older or different Linux distributions to newer ones). But be cautious using various system backup types, as configuration file syntax often changes in incompatible ways between OS and versions, so it’s probably wise to start mostly from scratch and keep the old system running so you can compare/contrast configurations and make just the tweaks you need to get the behavior you want rather than wholesale backup/restore of all configuration.