Migrating Proxmox/OpenVZ containers to Cloudmin ?

Proxmox is getting increasingly “commercial” (even though still pretty affordable), while there’s obviously nothing wrong about making money, more and more features (such as security updates) are getting phased out and are only available to premium subscribers, they even went as far as adding “nag screens” that show up whenever you log into the web-based GUI.

Thus, more and more people are considering alternatives to Proxmox - on the other hand, it’s a pretty solid piece of software and not easy to replace fully. OpenNode (CentOS) is still in its infancy in comparison - but there’s at least hope on the horizon with OpenNode.

Bottom line being, how difficult would it be to migrate an existing Proxmox installation into a (new) cloudmin node, what’s involved technically ? Can I simply use OpenVZ migrations to move a Proxmox container over to Cloudmin ?

Anybody else been there and done it ?

Thank you

I was a big supporter of Proxmox also, until they started charging a fee for getting tested updates. That change really made me dislike their software.

I have moved a few clients to Cloudmin, I just used the backup created by vzdump to restore the old machine. I prefer vzdump to the backup utility CM uses personally, so I had to install that also.

You basically just restore the backup, then have CM search and find the machine, then it can manage it. It works best with CTs running Webmin/Virtualmin obviously.

If you get stuck just post something here, I made extensive notes when I moved his 12 CTs from Proxmox to CM.

I wish they would make the OpenVZ Cloudmin free, unfortunately only the KVM version is free. Then they would have some serious competition.

Hello lp86,

I presently am in this stage, where i am thinking of moving to cloudmin. would you share your notes, that would help me a lot i think.-
i too am having CT and KVM both on proxmox,

thanks in advance.

We’re trying to figure out the right licensing model for Cloudmin going forward. We know it’s not right yet (because Cloudmin is practically invisible, while Virtualmin and Webmin have huge user communities), but we’re also having a bit of trouble keeping the bills paid after all the price decreases at the beginning of the year. We want to go further with the OSS version, but we also need to be bringing in more paying customers. So, we’re trying to sort out how to do that going forward.

I hear you on wanting a free version with OpenVZ support, and I think we’ll get there soon. It’ll have the same limitations as the current Cloudmin GPL version for KVM and Xen, which is that it’ll only support one host machine (but unlimited guests on that host), but hopefully that’ll allow a lot more folks to deploy Cloudmin to replace ProxMox, Virtuozzo, etc. in small deployments. And, I hope folks are aware of how much of a better value Cloudmin Professional is than most of the other commercial options out there. After the price drop, the per-guest VM price is quite low, especially for large deployments (and there’s no cost associated with having more host machines, which is not true of most of the competitors to Cloudmin).

Hi Joe,

This Sounds good, I am a believer in you guys… presently have a 2 baremetals and proxmox are installed on them… with Hetzner, there network config drives me Mad and hence i am not able to switch and in turn not pitch in with a cloudmin License… Once i have learnt a bit more on the netowrking side… i would invest more time on cloudmin to get it up and running on Hetzner servers… we are small web solutions company and plan to promote Virtualmin as our core services built on.