Migrating large Cpanel Website backup Issue

I’m new here but I’m in need of some help on migrating a fairly large (11GB) website as Cpanel as a tar.gz file. I’m not able to migrate through the virtaulmin panel as it’s too large. After doing research I understood that the best way to do this is use “scp” in linux SSH using putty. After using the below script, it goes through the process and completes, but after going back into virtualmin it’s not created.

Am I using the right approach below or is there a better and faster way on migrating a large site over?

scp backupmotorpool.tar.gz root@themotorpool.org:/public_html/

My location of file is in: home/chief
Location of server: home/themotorpool

Please help…



Yeah, if you have a large backup file, scp’ing that backup to your Virtualmin server can help.

After that, you’d log into Virtualmin, and click Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server, and point that towards the backup that you copied to your server.

Are those the steps that you took?


Correct…that’s how I’m importing into the virtual server using , but when I go into migrate it over with virtualmin, I’m not seeing that file that was supposively transferred over using using that command in putty.

I’m stuck and can’t migrate it over.


Oh I see, you’re not seeing the file that you copied over.

Well, looking deeper at the location you copied it to – there isn’t actually a /public_html/ folder on the server by default. If you didn’t create that directory, that may be the problem you’re having.

What you might try instead is to copy it to /root/, which would already exist.

So that would be:

scp backupmotorpool.tar.gz root@themotorpool.org:/root/

Let us know if that does the trick!


I first created the server to ensure to have the password to use in putty…while the server was created, it created all necessary file and folders. The public_html was one of that was created but for some reason it’s not being transferred over into that folder when running that command.

I first went into the home directory and then into the folder where the tar.gz file is located, ran the command and it completes, but when I go and try and migrate it over, that file isn’t there.

It completes with a 100% and no errors, but I find it strange that it’s not there. urrhh

I believe I had already tried the root in the end which is why I tried changing it to the public_html folder. I’ll try again…


I tried that and still no file to founded during a migrate attempt.


can help you, contact me via email oleg.smirnov.1988@gmail.com

What are you entering for the “Source Backup File” on the “Migrate Virtual Server” page?


  1. Local file or directory: YES

  2. a. browse, b. change path to /root, c. select file cpmoveusername.tar.gz or backupusername.tar.gz and click ok

  3. Backup file type: cPanel backup

We moved the tar.gz file over to the actual vritualmin server created and into the root. previously it was in a different server and in a public_html folder and not in the server wanting to migrate over,

Now selected part of the migration step, so we’ll see if it works. large file so might take a while to migrate over.

More to follow!!

The migration procedure is causing my server to crash while migrating this large tar.gz cpanel backup file…

Any ideas?

When your server crashes, what is happening exactly? Are you saying it’s locking up, and none of the services running on it are accessible any more?

If so, that could mean a few things… we may want to start by looking at RAM though.

If you log into your server over SSH and run this command, what output do you receive:

free -m

Currently there is only one server running on that dedicated server… I believe it’s crashing because I made the entire backup of the server directory, and not just SQL, home etc…

how about create cpanel backup exclude home dir and and do transfer of home dir using rsync, the same for mail messages.

or via cpanel backups/access and using “exclude file” in home dir to include biggest folder for exclude ? and do rsync for that folder?

Skipping Files and Accounts

You may wish to skip files or certain accounts. To skip files, create a cpbackup-exclude.conf file in the account root and simply list (you can use regular expressions) the files that you don’t want to back up. If you want to globally skip certain files, you can edit /etc/cpbackup-exclude.conf (which already contains a list of skipped files) to be excluded from all cPanel backups created. To exclude users from backups, create /etc/cpbackup-userskip.conf and list the users you don’t want to back up.