Migrating from H-sphere

I have a potential customer that has a H-sphere control panel. I am using Virtualmin, Version 3.71.gpl. Does the Pro version have the ability to migrate form H-sphere? The demo is down or I would have looked there.


isn’t h-sphere using plesk? if so you should be able to import plesk domains. virtualmin latest version is 3.75 by the way

Yeah, H-Sphere is indeed owned by the same company that makes Plesk, though I’m not sure it was always that way.

I’d try using the Plesk option for importing the backups – and if that doesn’t work, just file a support request (using the Support link above) to see if they’re looking into providing an H-Sphere migration tool.


The only thing that HSphere has in common with Plesk is the fact that they are both currently products of Parallels (formerly SWsoft). HSphere has not method for creating backups of user data for restore or install to either another HSphere cluster or to any other control panel for that matter.

Part of the problem (a huge part) for creating backups of HSphere user data is that the platform is structured as a distributed system: that means user data is scattered across multiple servers in most cases.

Unfortunately, that means migrating from HSphere will be a 100% manual job of dumping databases (if needed), copying mail with imapsync (or some other tool), downloading all data via ftp (or getting a tar.gz from a helpful admin), and so on.

I’m considering moving thousands of accounts from hsphere over to webmin/virtualmin. Hsphere is very close to reaching its EOL. Do the developers of virtualmin do any dev work on a consulting basis? I would need an API built that can transfer accounts over.

My main concerns are:

  1. how to migrate the existing billing records over without messing up the amount or date of the next bill
  2. domain registration via opensrs (does webmin/virtualmin integrate with opensrs?)