Migrating from Cpanel to Virtualmin, no mail copied

Hi There,

I’m the guy that provided a Cpanel backup in a public thread earlier this week.
It turned out that the cpanel backup did migrate mail and users on your side.

I’m not sure a private made post n the forum is the best way, but I was not able to find an other way to create an support ticket.

Please let me know this is the right place.

For now, the user with mail I need is the user fvb that is the domain owner.

greetings Peter

Hi Peter! Thanks for the new post – while this would work if necessary, Jamie won’t see posts here, so I’m wondering if maybe it’d be possible to get your post into the Support Tracker.

Here is a direct link to adding a new Support Request:


Can you give that a try? Let us know if you have any trouble with that. Thanks!