Migrating from cpanel did not create webmin users

Ok So I have a mix of accounts migrated from 2 servers. Some accounts were migrated from virtualmin and most were migrated from cPanel. All of them work fine(mostly) as fare as the sites go. But none of the cPanel migrated accounts created a webmin user for them, so in other words the account owner has no way to login and change anything about their account, even though I can and everything elsese about their accounts are working.

I tried to go in and manually create a webmin account, but I couldn’t figure out how to link it to a specific account so it is just has full permissions for all domains. I tried cloning one of the precreated webmin accounts, but then I didn’t have any permissions .
How can I create a webmin account that does what it’s supposed to do and be linked to a specific domain owner.(and their sub servers)?