Migrating a domain from one installation to another created a gigantic mess!

**OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04
**Webmin version:19.73
**Virtualmin version:6.16
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I’m writing because I’ve created a huge problem trying to migrate a domain from one virtualmin installation to another. I used backup to export the domain from the source and then I used restore to move the domain to the destination.

When I did that, many of my databases have simply seemed to have disappeared! When I use PHPmyadmin they don’t appear and although I can find some of them, there are others I can’t seem to find at all. Some of my previous wordpress installations work and then others tell me they can’t connect with the databases.

The files all seem to be there, Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Dan Lewis

Were the databases actually owned by the domain you migrated? There are many ways to make databases, and Virtualmin wouldn’t know about them unless you told it they belonged to the domain.

I believe so but I can’t say for certain. I’ve actually deleted the domains I had imported hoping that things would go back to normal… but no luck with that. Right now I’ve got several programs that can’t seem to find the correct databases. I can see all but one of them appears to be there. But the programs can’t seem to find them and when I use PHPmyadmin I can’t see them with that either.

I took a look under /var/mysql and it appears that all but one of the databases actually are there. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

Dan Lewis

I’m getting some things to appear in PHPmyadmin by going to webmin and using MySql Database Server and changing the ownership. But the next problem I’m having is now PHPmyadmin (Logged in as me) no longer has the permission to make changes. Any ideas on how I can solve that?

Dan Lewis

Do you have an idea so I can have phpmyadmin see all the databases and allow me to edit them?


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