Migratin to a new server (second try)

Hi, following this perfect guide
I’ve been doing migration from my old to a new server and due to some personal circumstances didn’t finish it properly (just left it there). I’ve transferred domains/settings though already.
Ok, here is the question - how do i continue this process again - because domains files, info etc has obviously changed on my live old server including web logs, databases, files etc.
What’s the easiest way to continue this migration process - delete all domains on the new server one by one and after that continue migration via Backup (old one) and Restore (new one) again?
Or should I delete something else, how fool-proof is it?


While you could delete the domains (from the command line or from within virtualmin) – there’s no need to delete the domains first.

You can just perform the migration again, and it’ll overwrite everything that’s currently on there.